Great River Energy named to ‘Co-op 100’ list

Great River Energy came in at No. 61 in National Cooperative Bank’s recently released NCB 100® listing of the nation’s top 100 revenue-earning cooperative businesses.

Cooperatives exist in a cross-section of sectors including agriculture, grocery, hardware and lumber, finance, energy and communications, housing, and recreation. These co-ops provide over 2 million jobs and create more than $75 billion in annual wages with revenue of nearly $650 billion.

“Cooperatives employ millions of people and give back to their communities. While cooperatives may offer similar goods and services as publicly traded firms, they use a distinctly different business model,” said Charles E. Snyder, CEO of National Cooperative Bank. “Co-ops operate for the benefit of their member-owners and communities. Having a vested interest in the co-op fosters a natural closeness and accountability between owners/members and management.”

While the companies and rankings change each year, the cooperative sector continues to advance, playing an increasingly influential role in the national and global economy. Today, 1 in 3 Americans is a member of a co-op.

Great River Energy joins many other electric cooperatives on the list, including Basin Electric Power Cooperative (No. 17), Oglethorpe Power Corporation (No. 32) and Tri-State Generation and Transmission Association (No. 33).