Great River Energy launches new website

A company’s public website is its handshake, business card and elevator speech all in one place. It needs to reach key stakeholders, from the general public to legislative officials to potential employees. In an effort to make Great River Energy’s website reflect its brand, employees and culture, the co-op launched a refreshed website at

This new website provides clear messages of who Great River Energy is, what it means to be a cooperative and how the company serves its member-owner cooperatives.

The refresh features a clean design with bright photographs, and can be easily viewed on tablets and phones, where more than half the co-op’s website traffic comes from.

The purpose of Great River Energy’s website is to educate and inform stakeholders. Whether it be a property owner looking for information on a power line project in their area, a job-seeker applying for their next career move or a legislator wondering about our power supply resources, Great River Energy strives to provide that information in an accessible and easy-to-read format.