Great River Energy certified as a Great Place to Work

Great River Energy, a wholesale energy provider to 28 member-owner cooperatives across Minnesota, received the Great Place to Work Certification, identifying the organization as having a high-trust and high-performing workplace culture.Great River Energy certified as a Great Place to Work

The organization earned the ranking by surveying employees on the five dimensions in the Great Place to Work® Trust Model® – camaraderie, credibility, fairness, pride and respect – and the consistency of which employees responded favorably. Overall, 89 percent of employees say Great River Energy is a great place to work.

“This designation validates Great River Energy’s commitment to creating a workplace culture that consistently provides employees with a great-place-to-work experience, regardless of gender, race/ethnicity, job role or other personal characteristics,” said Employee Engagement and Development Manager Rona Stewart.

The cooperative demonstrates the trust dimensions through its corporate competencies and values, employee benefit offerings and inclusion efforts. These practices, along with a team focused on the organization’s culture, contribute significantly to achieving a high-level of trust.

“The Great Place to Work Certification allows us to compare our self to other certified organizations using benchmark data,” Stewart said. “This data, as well as the certification, helps us recruit, retain and develop an engaged and innovative workforce.”

This was the organization’s second year participating in the certification process and achieving the designation, placing them among a leading class of employers around the world.