For Great River Energy employees, safety is personal

Great River Energy wants everyone to be safe – on the job and at home. For the past two years, Great River Energy has been promoting the theme “Safety is Personal,” which highlights individual employees and the reasons why they make safety a priority both on and off the job. This campaign has been promoted through videos, signage, posters and more.

“All of us must answer one simple question: ‘Why do I want to go home safe?'” said Greg McKee, Great River Energy safety administrator. “All of us have a different answer to the question, and each answer is as important as the next. I believe that making safety personal for each one of our employees is Great River Energy’s No. 1 priority.”

“Whether it’s because you’re a brand new dad, love having an active lifestyle or want to see all 50 states, each of us has a story to tell,” said Dustin Privette, Great River energy safety administrator. “This campaign reminds us of the reasons each of us have to stay safe. Our reasons might be our own, but the motivation behind doing our jobs safely can never be stressed enough.”

At Great River Energy, employees work toward continuous improvement and use feedback they receive to strengthen the safety culture.

Great River Energy is committed to maintaining a safe, reliable electric system. This includes ensuring safe power plants, safe environments for employees, safe practices for anyone who works at and visits Great River Energy facilities and clear rights of way along Great River Energy transmission lines.

“Safety is a core value at Great River Energy,” Privette said. “We care about the safety of our employees, their families and our communities. Safety is deeply ingrained in our culture and employees continuously demonstrate that they are committed to working safely.”