New sign reflects energy park focus

A power plant that was designed to produce a single product – electricity – is now the center of an efficient energy hub.

A sign that formerly indicated the entrance to Coal Creek Station – Great River Energy’s largest power plant – now reads “Coal Creek Energy Park.” The change reflects a new energy park focus Coal Creek Energy Park signwhile the updated branding symbolizes the cooperative’s vision to innovate, collaborate and lead to competitively power the future.

The Coal Creek Station Energy Park uses heat, infrastructure – even waste products – to produce several valuable products and services, and the updated signage now represents all the different entities within the park. Those include: Coal Creek Station, Blue Flint Ethanol, Coal Creek Drying and Storage, Boral Resources, Falkirk Mine and NoDak Energy Services.

“The energy park allows Great River Energy to develop new efficiencies, maximize the value of its current resources and help promote carbon efficiencies, which will ultimately allow us to competitively power the future,” said John Bauer, director of North Dakota generation at Great River Energy.