Employee’s quick response to emergency saves a life

While attending his son’s youth football game, Electrical & Instrumentation Safety & Training Administrator Brad Steier noticed a man lying on the ground behind him. Rushing to his side, Steier and others assessed the man’s vitals, finding no pulse or no signs of breathing.

Brad Steier received a Good Neighbor Award for performing CPR and operating and automated external defibrillator on a person during a medical emergency.

Just like Steier practiced in training, the group assigned one person to call 911, one to take notes, one to check on vitals and others to perform CPR. Steier was performing CPR when an off-duty officer arrived with an automated external defibrillator (AED).

“It just so happened the off-duty officer had an AED in his vehicle which was parked nearby,” Steier said. After the AED arrived, Steier helped administer two shocks. The man’s heart began to beat upon the second shock and came into rhythm as paramedics arrived.

Steier credits the annual CPR training provided by Great River Energy, along with the team of individuals who worked well together, in helping to save the bystander’s life.

Because of his heroic efforts and going above and beyond in an emergency, Steier was recognized for his efforts with a Good Neighbor Award.

The Good Neighbor Award is a volunteer community service program that encourages employees to offer a helping hand, along with more sets of eyes and ears, in the communities served by Great River Energy and its member-owner cooperatives. Employees are encouraged to call 911, use first aid and CPR to sustain life and minimize injury, use cellphones or two-way radios to call for services, remain at the emergency scene and report any questionable activities to the proper authorities.