Employees guide health care plan strategy

It’s estimated 151 million Americans under age 65 get health insurance through their employers, making such plans the largest source of coverage in the U.S. With health care costs rising annually, is vital to the financial – and physical – health of employees and employers to find ways to temper those increases.

For the last 15 years, Great River Energy’s long-term health care strategy team has assisted the human resources benefits group in doing just that, with the core objective to support employees and their families in their efforts to live healthier lives. The cross-functional team of employees recently began examining 2019 health plan market comparisons.

With guidance from Great River Energy’s benefits consultants, the team reviewed the organization’s medical plan utilization year-to-date, as well as the current status of health care reform and its potential impact to Great River Energy. The team also participated in an educational session on health savings accounts for future plan consideration.

“Having a cross-functional team collectively make the decisions for our organization’s health care plans fits in nicely with our cooperative model,” said Benefits Leader Jason Vollbrecht. “As a direct result of this team, we are able to provide employees with high-quality health care at lower than national average increases year after year.”

The team’s efforts extend beyond minimizing the impact of increasing health care costs on employees – they also help Great River Energy achieve its strategic imperatives to keep costs competitive and shape the future by managing costs to the organization, identifying costs savings, and offering flexible, affordable and robust health care plan options that attract and retain employees.