Employees find ways to enhance on-the-job safety

Safety is a core value at Great River Energy, and employees are empowered to look for ways to enhance safety on the job and at home.

Here is a sample of the many ways employees helped Great River Energy operate safely in 2016.

Access doors at Coal Creek Station: Four heavy steel access doors are regularly used during Coal Creek Station outages. When the door gaskets stick, multiple workers would force the doors open, which could cause the doors to break free rapidly. Plant employees designed a new system with a safety chain and pull ring, which allows an individual to open the door quickly and safely.

Grapple cranes at Elk River Resource Processing Plant: In order for Elk River Resource Processing Plant to operate, one of the two grapple cranes must be functioning. Historically, grapple cranes were repaired on the floor while the other line continued to operate. Repairs could last as long as 16 hours. Now, Great River Energy keeps an assembled crane in inventory and can swap out the damaged crane in less than three hours. The damaged crane can then be repaired safely in the shop.

Transmission surveyors use hammer/drill combo: Surveyors used to manually chip or chisel through hard or frozen ground as part of their transmission project survey work. In 2016, the team purchased a generator/hammer drill combo that not only saves time but has also created a safer work site by eliminating unneeded stress to elbows and shoulders by the repetitive motion of iron bar picking.