Employees contribute to industry’s advancement

During the Electric Power Research Institute’s (EPRI) annual Technology Transfer Awards, Great River Energy was recognized for applying research in real-world settings to advance new and better ways to provide electricity.

Great River Energy Principal Telecommunications Engineer Kathy Nelson was honored for Great River Energy’s involvement in the FirstNet dedicated broadband spectrum project, which will enhance connectivity in Great River Energy’s member cooperative service territory.  The project used a field area network , which is a network that is interconnected to a point on the grid to provide easy, two-way communication between the grid and its counterparts.

Field area networks are not a common practice yet, so this research was a significant first step to achieve the goals outlined for electric system improvements, which will directly affect Great River Energy and its members in the future.

EPRI also recognized Great River Energy for its leadership in environmental research.

Environmental Support Services Leader Greg Archer received two awards: one recognizing Great River Energy’s use of EPRI research results to evaluate regulatory benefits assessment tools, and another for refining air dispersion models for air quality measurement and assessment.

Environmental Project Lead Mark Strohfus received his award for visionary support, critical thinking and active engagement in social cost of carbon modeling technical analysis.

“The commitment and collaboration demonstrated by these individuals and teams enables the power industry to shape a sustainable future for electricity and advance environmental research for the benefit of their stakeholders and society,” said Anda Ray, senior vice president, energy, environment and external relations and chief sustainability officer at EPRI.