Great River Energy is committed to supporting the communities we serve and in which we operate through education, sponsorships, contributions and economic development.

Our employees are a generous bunch

Throughout the year, Minnesota and North Dakota employees generously donate:

  • Dollars via our annual community giving campaign
  • Food
  • Blood
  • Toys

Employee generosity doesn’t stop with material goods; they also give their time and talents to various organizations. In 2012, our employees logged more than 1,200 volunteer hours with our employee volunteer program. Great River Energy grants nonbargained employees up to 12 hours of paid time off each year for volunteer efforts. True to cooperative fashion, our employees have embraced the opportunity to strengthen communities through volunteering.

Employees drive company giving

Great River Energy’s annual community giving campaign reaches new heights every year. Our giving campaign, held each fall, offers employees the opportunity to have their financial contributions matched by company dollars. In 2015, the campaign raised nearly $100,000.

Since 2009, Great River Energy has been a member of the Minnesota Keystone Program, which recognizes companies that donate at least 2 percent of their pre-tax earnings to the community.

Buying local to support the community

A company the size of Great River Energy has the opportunity to positively impact the communities in which it operates, as well as the communities its members serve. We make a concerted effort to seek local companies in Minnesota and North Dakota for the products and services we need. Our goal is to use a local supplier when available and if member rates aren’t adversely affected.

Support through sponsorships

Each year, Great River Energy collaborates with organizations and initiatives that have a positive impact on our communities and member consumers through sponsorships.

View our current sponsorships

Aiding in rural economic development

Great River Energy represents its member cooperatives in economic development activities ranging from the municipal to federal level. Most electric cooperatives don’t have staff to dedicate to economic development, but Great River Energy can provide them with a resource and a voice for their interests.

We advocate for rural economic development among our member cooperatives, provide consultation to  member cooperatives and local communities, and independently operate several loan programs that provide financial incentives for rural economic activity.

Visit our economic development portal