Great River Energy’s culture includes corporate values and employee skills that work toward a common goal – our vision and mission.

Our vision

Innovate, collaborate and lead to competitively power the future

Our mission

Provide member-owners with affordable, reliable energy in harmony with a sustainable environment.

All Great River Energy employees throughout Minnesota and North Dakota are working toward this common goal.

A values-driven culture

To achieve this success, Great River Energy follows a set of values that was developed by employees as the most prominent qualities or characteristics of our organization.

At Great River Energy we value:

  • Accountability
    • We do what we say we will do.
  • Commitment to employees
    • We invest in and empower our employees.
  • Inclusion
    • We embrace diversity of thought, identity, culture and experience.
  • Integrity
    • We take pride in being honest and ethical.
  • Member driven
    • We are dedicated to bringing value to our member-owner cooperatives.
  • Safety
    • We are committed to an environment of safety excellence.

Employee competencies

Great River Energy employees developed competencies to set employee expectations about how to accomplish their work. Competencies describe desired behaviors that support Great River Energy’s values.

  • Collaborates
    • Works cooperatively across the organization and our membership to achieve shared objectives.
  • Communicates with courage
    • Encourages the open expression of diverse ideas while communicating in a direct and respectful manner.
  • Drives results
    • Takes initiative to get things done.
  • Inspires potential
    • Contributes to a climate where people are motivated to do their best.
  • Learns with agility
    • Is willing and able to transition through the uncertainty of change.
  • Promotes our culture
    • Demonstrates Great River Energy’s values through actions and behaviors.
  • Thinks strategically
    • Actively shapes the future by gathering information and promoting ideas which create lasting value.
  • Understands the business
    • Understands how the work we do directly affects our member-owners and the bottom line.