Our culture

Great River Energy’s culture includes corporate values and employee skills that work toward a common goal – our vision and mission.

Our vision

Innovate, collaborate and lead to competitively power the future

Our mission

Provide member-owners with affordable, reliable energy in harmony with a sustainable environment.

All Great River Energy employees throughout Minnesota and North Dakota are working toward this common goal.

A values-driven culture

To achieve this success, Great River Energy follows a set of values that was developed by employees as the most prominent qualities or characteristics of our organization.

At Great River Energy we value:

  • Accountability
  • Commitment to employees
  • Ethics
  • Focus on customers
  • Open and Honest Communication
  • Safety

Employee competencies

At its inception, Great River Energy and its employees developed competencies to set employee expectations about “how” to accomplish their work. Competencies describe desired behaviors that support Great River Energy’s values. Our competencies are:

  • Business focused: Understands the company’s business and the impact of individual work, role and contribution to members and company strategy.
  • Communication: Effectively communicates with others by practicing active listening, providing timely, constructive feedback and the use of diplomacy and tact to work through difficult situations.
  • Continuous learning: Seeks opportunities to increase personal and professional knowledge through formal and informal training.
  • Member and customer relations: Anticipates and responds to the needs and preferences of internal and external customers by establishing and maintaining effective relationships.
  • Decision making: Gathers necessary information; weighs options and makes quality decisions in a timely manner.
  • Demonstrates values: Promotes Great River Energy values through actions and behaviors.
  • Flexibility: Learns quickly when facing new challenges and optimistically approaches change for the improvement of self and the organization.
  • Innovative: Seeks new and better ways to improve through business improvement and investment in technology.
  • Individual performance: Manages time, uses resources effectively, works on the right initiatives and gets things done.
  • Teamwork: Builds collaborative working relationships with others, provides constructive, timely feedback, contributes a fair share of the work and openly shares new found information and ideas.
  • Technical: Develops and maintains the essential knowledge and skills required for superior job performance.