At Great River Energy, valuing diversity means creating an environment that respects and includes differences, recognizes unique contributions of individuals and creates a work environment to maximize the potential of all employees.

Valuing differences

Our corporate values guide our actions and help us to have an enabling, progressive, and positive organizational culture. Diversity and inclusion is a part of those values.

We are a leader in our industry, but to be truly successful, a company has to develop a culture of inclusion: working intentionally to foster an open and innovative work environment by respecting and valuing differences and recognizing the contributions of individuals.

We strive to include all employees regardless of work experience, educational background, marital status, generational differences, sexual orientation, gender identity, personal habits, income, work location, union/non-union affiliation. In addition, we pride ourselves on being a veteran-friendly employer.

The goal of our inclusion initiative is to:

  • Foster a safe and open work environment by respecting and valuing differences and recognizing the contributions of all individuals
  • Recognize the importance of understanding diverse individual needs in the workplace
  • Understand that we have a diverse population of employees and we respect differences

Inclusion Council

To further strengthen our workplace culture, Great River Energy’s Inclusion Council conducted an inclusion culture audit in 2018. The council worked with an external partner to identify what our employees understand about inclusion at Great River Energy, and where we may need additional awareness and education. The audit included gathering feedback through focus groups and one-on-one interviews with a diverse group of randomly-selected employees.

The audit identified our strengths, which include: our great work-life balance and benefits package; our committed employees and leaders; remaining a Great Place to Work as a vision for all; a well-managed executive team; our innovation and willingness to change; our prioritization of safety and reliability; our strong belief in an inclusive, respectful and trusting workplace; and that all employees support inclusion.

We did find areas for improvement: getting more people involved in teams and activities; finding more ways to develop, promote and recognize talent in a flat organization; improving flow of communication; expanding recruitment efforts to increase diversity; and making the organization comfortable for everyone.

Our work continues as the Inclusion Council develops a written action plan that includes practical initiatives, metrics and timelines. This ongoing effort will help us to continue building upon our strong workplace culture.