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Bees, butterflies flutter for National Pollinator Week

Pollinators such as bees and butterflies have made their home at Great River Energy’s Elk River campus. Three years ago, Great River Energy began preparations to plant prairie on its 9-acre plot of land outside of its Elk River campus facility. The Minnesota Department of Transportation and Elk River Energy City partnered with Great River […]

Young falcons get their ‘jewelry’

It was a successful year for Breezy and Brooklyn, the two adult peregrine falcons that reside in the nesting box atop Great River Energy’s Elk River Energy Recovery Station (ERERS) in Elk River, Minn. Brooklyn, the male, has returned to this site for a fourth consecutive year. The female, Breezy, is new to the site. […]

Four more falcons born at Elk River plant

After incubating eggs for a little over a month, Brooklyn and Breezy, the resident falcons at Great River Energy’s Elk River Energy Recovery Station, welcomed four young falcons in early May. Known as “eyasses,” the young falcons will remain in the nest for several weeks before starting to learn to fly. Great River Energy will […]

Peregrine falcons return to Elk River

Despite the cold and snow in Minnesota, it is springtime. And, springtime means it’s time to welcome a pair of peregrine falcons to the nesting box atop Great River Energy’s Elk River Energy Recovery Station. In late February, two adult falcons took up residence in the Elk River nesting box. Brooklyn, the male, has returned […]

A new way forward in environmental standards

Bees, butterflies, eagles and moose. These are the majestic, native animals of Minnesota, and just like Great River Energy’s member cooperatives, they live in our local communities. But moose don’t care if you’ve met all your environmental permit requirements, and honey bees don’t measure whether or not a procedure was successful in making a positive […]

It’s more than electricity …

The electricity Great River Energy and its member cooperatives provide charges phones, powers computers, lights offices and powers tools. However, many other things in life come about as a result of byproducts from generating electricity. Even the ash produced while generating electricity is put to good use. Known as “fly ash” (because it “flies” out […]

Fueling the future

For decades, consumers have been encouraged by their utilities to incorporate energy efficiency into their everyday lives because the less energy they used meant less energy was generated at power plants. While energy efficiency will continue to be important, it may be only one facet of a new overall initiative that will keep power flowing […]

Power plant hosts moose family

As the moose population continues to increase in North Dakota, one family unit has taken a liking to the favorable environmental conditions that can be found around Great River Energy’s Coal Creek Station power plant. “Our environmental efforts have created an ideal habitat for many wildlife species, including: deer, coyotes, birds along with other varieties […]

Connexus makes solar sweeter

Solar array hosts Bolton Bees’ apiary Connexus Energy’s pollinator-friendly community solar garden is not only generating renewable energy, it is also producing honey. Bolton Bees installed 15 beehives at Connexus Energy’s SolarWise garden in Ramsey, Minn., and has managed and expanded the hives throughout the summer. “We believe our SolarWise solar garden is the first […]