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The birds are back in town

The Great River Energy peregrine falcons have returned to their nesting box. Brooklyn, the male, has returned to the Elk River, Minn., site for a fifth consecutive year. The female, Breezy, new to the nesting box in 2018 has also returned. She fledged from a nest box in Oak Park Heights, Minn., in 2015. Brooklyn […]

Great River Energy studies proposed EPA emissions rules

Great River Energy has a team of employees studying the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) proposed rule regarding emissions from existing electricity generating units, and is analyzing its impact on its power plants. The EPA’s proposed Affordable Clean Energy rule would replace the Clean Power Plan and set guidelines for states to curb emissions through […]

North Dakota plants qualify for LEE status

Great River Energy recently received a letter from the North Dakota Department of Health qualifying Coal Creek Station and Spiritwood Station as low emitting electrical generating units (LEE) with respect to particulate matter emissions. “Because of the stringent requirements, few plants have qualified for LEE status and it demonstrates that our plants are some of […]

Electric co-ops add their touch to Minnesota state parks

  Several Touchstone Energy cooperatives across Minnesota pitched in at their local state and county parks this spring in an effort to spruce up their natural beauty. Volunteers from seven electric cooperatives took part in this year’s GreenTouch program by raking leaves and pine needles, and cleaning roadside ditches, picnic shelters and campground areas. They […]

Bees, butterflies flutter for National Pollinator Week

Pollinators such as bees and butterflies have made their home at Great River Energy’s Elk River campus. Three years ago, Great River Energy began preparations to plant prairie on its 9-acre plot of land outside of its Elk River campus facility. The Minnesota Department of Transportation and Elk River Energy City partnered with Great River […]

Young falcons get their ‘jewelry’

It was a successful year for Breezy and Brooklyn, the two adult peregrine falcons that reside in the nesting box atop Great River Energy’s Elk River Energy Recovery Station (ERERS) in Elk River, Minn. Brooklyn, the male, has returned to this site for a fourth consecutive year. The female, Breezy, is new to the site. […]

Four more falcons born at Elk River plant

After incubating eggs for a little over a month, Brooklyn and Breezy, the resident falcons at Great River Energy’s Elk River Energy Recovery Station, welcomed four young falcons in early May. Known as “eyasses,” the young falcons will remain in the nest for several weeks before starting to learn to fly. Great River Energy will […]

Peregrine falcons return to Elk River

Despite the cold and snow in Minnesota, it is springtime. And, springtime means it’s time to welcome a pair of peregrine falcons to the nesting box atop Great River Energy’s Elk River Energy Recovery Station. In late February, two adult falcons took up residence in the Elk River nesting box. Brooklyn, the male, has returned […]