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Demand response undergoing high-tech transformation

A lot can happen with just the flip of a switch. It could mean your morning smoothie beginning to blend, a fan turning on to cool you down or a lamp lighting up to help you read. For electric cooperatives like Great River Energy, the flip of a switch can mean relieving the grid during […]

Studies evaluate pathways to decarbonization in Minnesota

States across the country have either already enacted policies to decarbonize their economies or are currently working toward implementing them. But different policies, even with the same goals, can have different impacts on each state’s energy system. Over the years, there have been several proposals in Minnesota, including some that would increase the state’s renewable […]

Co-op CEO touts voluntary conservation efforts to Congress

The best way to preserve the struggling monarch butterfly is through voluntary conservation efforts rather than government regulation, a Minnesota electric cooperative CEO recently told a House panel. “Our goal is to protect this iconic species for posterity,” said Justin Jahnz, CEO of East Central Energy (ECE), in testimony before the House Natural Resources Subcommittee […]

Power plant sale helps advance critical environmental technology

There are a lot of differing views when it comes to discussing the future of electricity production. One promising technology, however, has gained support from the business community, environmental advocates, the White House and elected officials on both sides of the aisle: carbon capture, utilization and storage (CCUS). By removing the greenhouse gas emissions from […]

Heat pumps offer highly efficient option for heating and cooling

David Dietman was familiar with air source heat pumps (ASHPs) prior to installing one in his 1,470-square-foot hobby building in Clearwater, Minnesota. Positive experiences with heat pumps at his homes in Arizona and Florida encouraged him to try the technology in a colder climate. ASHPs provide both efficient heating and cooling for year-round comfort. When […]

Truck accident calls attention to power line safety

A recent accident near Wanda, Minnesota, left more than 700 cooperative member-consumers without power for several hours after a truck hit a power line and brought down two utility poles. Not only did the incident cause an outage, it also created an unsafe situation. Although crews from Great River Energy and member-owner Redwood Electric Cooperative […]

Murals add vibrancy to neighborhood

North Minneapolis is becoming more colorful thanks to a mural project funded in part by a Great River Energy subsidiary. Mural at the Market was created by community partners with a vision to bring vibrancy and attract new potential to the Minneapolis Farmers Market area. Young artists from Juxtaposition Arts in North Minneapolis are currently […]

Great River Energy guides ‘Finding True North Conference’

Great River Energy provided a cooperative voice at the Grid North Partners “Finding Truth North Conference” held June 16. Great River Energy Vice President and Chief Transmission Officer Priti Patel served as emcee and Operations and Transmission Services Director Dick Pursley participated on one of the event’s panels. Grid North Partners is an evolution of […]