Bees, butterflies flock toward co-ops

You may have heard all the buzz about saving dwindling bee and butterfly populations. But did you know electric co-ops are doing their part to help to restore pollinator friendly habitat?

This spring, Great River Energy will be planting pollinator friendly habitat underneath its power lines that span a Three Rivers District Park.

“As a cooperative, Great River Energy has a unique opportunity to serve in our local communities,” said Great River Energy representative Craig Poorker. “We do that through our environmental stewardship and our commitment to creating sustainable environments. Among electric utilities, Great River Energy is a leader in creating and maintaining pollinator friendly habitat.”

A healthy population of pollinators, including bees and butterflies, is essential to sustaining the diverse forest, prairie and wetland communities of Minnesota. It is also critical to our food supply, as these little bees pollinate fruits, vegetables and other plants. The native grasses and pollinator friendly habitat will provide food and shelter for butterflies, native bees, birds and bats well into the future.

The White House released a pollinator strategy, calling for a nationwide effort to focus on declining pollinator populations. Even small projects that restore pollinator friendly habitat can go a long way toward saving and sustaining pollinators, including bees and butterflies.

Like pollinators that partner with native plants to create healthy natural ecosystems, Great River Energy’s projects are made possible by several organizations working together for the common good.