After 40 years, two leaders begin well-earned retirement

retiring CFO Larry Schmid

Larry Schmid

Great River Energy Vice President and Chief Financial Officer Larry Schmid and Member Services and Marketing Director Gary Connett will soon retire from Great River Energy. The two combine for more than 80 years of experience serving Great River Energy’s member-owner cooperatives.

Schmid noted many accomplishments during his 40-year career, including an improved balance sheet, Great River Energy’s entry into the capital markets, working closely with the board of directors and member CEOs, and the many friendships formed along the way.

retiring director Gary Connett

Gary Connett

“I love to watch people learn, grow and even have fun. I have seen that with the current finance group and I am very confident that they are up to the challenges of the future whatever they may be,” Schmid said.

Connett represented Great River Energy on the state and national stage, earning a reputation as a leading voice in energy efficiency and demand side management.

“There are few things in our lives as good electricity! I have always been really passionate about using electricity in the most effective and efficient way,” Connett said.