A day to honor line technicians

Photos of line technicians and transmission linesThey set out in the dead of night or the cold of winter to bring back your power. They climb poles, work from bucket trucks and work on energized lines. On April 9, line technicians received some well-deserved recognition.

“Line technicians keep the lights on for our member-owner cooperatives,” said Roger Kiefer, Great River Energy’s transmission construction and maintenance manager. “Great River Energy could not provide the reliable electric service we all enjoy if it weren’t for them.”

Great River Energy has 35 linemen who help maintain more than 5,200 miles of transmission power lines in the states of Minnesota and North Dakota. Great River Energy is able to maintain excellent transmission reliability through effective maintenance and restoration practices, as well as strong relationships with other utilities.

The National Rural Electric Cooperative Association has dedicated the second Monday in April as a time to thank and recognize linemen and the important work they do in our communities.

Great River Energy invites you to take a moment to thank a line technician for the important work they do to keep our electric system running efficiently and reliably.