Monthly Archives: September 2020

‘Perfect storm’ leads to rolling blackouts in CA

Midwest energy market maintains sufficient resources for reliability A persistent, record-breaking heat wave hit California in August, causing the state’s three biggest utilities to cut power to hundreds of thousands of homes and businesses for about an hour at a time until the emergency declaration ended a few hours later. These rolling blackouts—the first California […]

Powering through a pandemic

Great River Energy President and Chief Executive Officer David Saggau continues to lead his team of 800-plus employees through the COVID-19 pandemic. Great River Energy has gone to great lengths to ensure employees are safe and wholesale electricity remains reliable. The pandemic presented many challenges to Great River Energy, but the company’s performance remains strong. […]

Member Moment: Nobles Cooperative Electric

“Member Moment” highlights one of Great River Energy’s member-owner cooperatives and how it uniquely demonstrates what it means to be a cooperative. Electric cooperatives were built to help serve rural communities. Serving a county with no stoplights or even railroads, Nobles Cooperative Electric (NCE) knows exactly what it means to serve its 6,300 rural members. […]

Drones pull the ropes

An unmanned aircraft system (UAS)—or drone—was needed to safely complete recent work on a transmission line project led by Great River Energy for one of its member-owner cooperatives. A portion of the Elisha to Pine Point project required crossing Hay Creek near Park Rapids, Minnesota. This vegetative wetland is hard to travel by foot and […]

North Dakota service center supports grid reliability

Service centers are strategically located throughout Great River Energy’s service territory to ensure the reliability of the electric grid. Construction is in its final stages for one such service center, which is located hundreds of miles from the cooperative’s membership but plays a critical role in keeping electricity reliable in Minnesota. “Our North Dakota service […]

Checking on the power that keeps you checking in

How does your power get to you? And who verifies that infrastructure conforms with environmental requirements? Who ensures reliable electricity continues to flow on both the coldest and hottest days of the year? The answer is: A lot of people. Great River Energy works with many local, state and federal agencies so the power that […]

Runestone reaches $1 million in community support

Over the course of several years, lots of tiny donations can add up and make a huge difference in the community. By rounding their electricity bills up to the nearest dollar, Runestone Electric Association’s (REA) members raised $1 million to support important community organizations through a program called Operation Round Up. Over the past 17 […]