Monthly Archives: April 2018

A day to honor line technicians

They set out in the dead of night or the cold of winter to bring back your power. They climb poles, work from bucket trucks and work on energized lines. On April 9, line technicians received some well-deserved recognition. “Line technicians keep the lights on for our member-owner cooperatives,” said Roger Kiefer, Great River Energy’s […]

New round of data center sites certified

Data centers have become integral to everyday life. They provide the security and bandwidth needed to store and process information, making tasks such as email, streaming video and transferring money possible. The demand for data centers will continue, as companies such as telecommunication providers, banking and healthcare institutions depend on fast, secure and reliable data […]

Spurring business growth in Anoka County

“Growth is never by mere chance; it is the result of forces working together.” – James Cash Penney This apt quote by the founder of the department store chain J.C. Penney can be applied to economic development. Sustainable growth requires investment and engagement from a broad range of stakeholders. But gathering disparate parties to work […]

Peregrine falcons return to Elk River

Despite the cold and snow in Minnesota, it is springtime. And, springtime means it’s time to welcome a pair of peregrine falcons to the nesting box atop Great River Energy’s Elk River Energy Recovery Station. In late February, two adult falcons took up residence in the Elk River nesting box. Brooklyn, the male, has returned […]

New project to crack open advanced grid capabilities for members

Great River Energy and its member-owner cooperatives will separate two major combined operating systems in 2018: the energy management system (EMS) and the distribution management system (DMS). The project will offer cybersecurity benefits, increase system performance and create flexibility for member-owner cooperatives to make some database and display changes in the DMS. While the primary […]

Heartland economic outlook at four-year high

For the first time since 2015, a key measure of rural America’s economic health is above growth neutral for two consecutive months. Creighton University’s Rural Mainstreet Index stood at 54.7 in March, down just a tick from February’s 54.8 but above the 50.0 growth-neutral mark. It’s also a vast improvement from March 2017, when the […]