Monthly Archives: December 2017

Grant awarded to determine greenhouse feasibility

The North Dakota Ag Products Utilization Commission (APUC) recently awarded Great River Energy and North American Coal (NAC) a $75,000 grant to assist with determining the feasibility of co-locating a commercial greenhouse at Coal Creek Energy Park. “The availability of excess heat and carbon dioxide at a common location presents a unique opportunity for a […]

Today’s electricity comes from many sources

Electric cooperatives have supplied reliable electricity to Minnesotans for nearly 80 years. The way electricity is generated has change a lot over that time, with new fuels and technologies contributing to greater efficiency and lower emissions. The Midwest’s most efficient coal and nuclear power plants remain critical to reliable energy, but several new types of […]

Great River Energy shares financial success

Great River Energy has had a very strong 2017, and it has decided to share that success with its members. In early December, Great River Energy approved a refund of $6 million to the 28 member-owner cooperatives that collectively own and receive wholesale electricity from Great River Energy. Great River Energy’s strong margins have been […]

Cooperatives care

A place is just a place. A community is born when people join together to improve everyone’s lives. When electricity was taking hold in urban centers, rural residents formed electric cooperatives to bring electricity – followed by a long line of conveniences – to their communities. Eventually those cooperatives formed companies like Great River Energy, […]

Utilities in North America prepare together for worst case scenarios

Last month, approximately 80 employees from Great River Energy worked with other electric utilities and organizations throughout the continent in a crisis management exercise called GridEx IV, which was organized by the North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC). The exercise, which takes place every other year, gives participants the opportunity to self-assess their emergency response […]

Pilot projects keeping co-ops on the go

Great River Energy has a strategic imperatives that reads: “In collaboration with members, employees and other stakeholders, develop the capabilities and solutions to address industry change.” This is where the cooperative’s growing list of pilot and demonstration projects fits into the big picture. In addition to the ongoing electric school bus and grid-interactive water heater […]

Utility industry remains an economic force

Powering America cites the utility industry as the most capital-intensive economic sector, investing more than $100 billion a year on the nation’s electricity infrastructure with advances in technology, environmental protections and other improvements. And that’s in addition to money spent on regular operations and maintenance. All that adds up to supporting more than 7 million […]