Monthly Archives: September 2016

State’s largest cooperative solar project complete

The largest solar array in Minnesota owned by electric cooperatives is now generating electricity for members of Wright-Hennepin Cooperative Electric Association (WH). The Dickinson Solar Project is a collaborative effort between WH and Great River Energy. The project will bring an additional 2.25 megawatts of renewable energy onto the grid. A dedication event to recognize […]

Technology opening up member options

Technological advances are a key driver in the evolution of the electric utility industry. For years, Great River Energy and its member cooperatives have been laying the technological groundwork to offer members more options and allow members to further customize their service in the future. There are four technology trends underway: Upgrading infrastructure It all […]

Electric cars go farther, cost less than ever

Once thought of as a futuristic or out-of-reach luxury product, electric vehicles (EVs) are quickly becoming a more realistic option for mainstream consumers. A variety of factors, such as driving ranges going up and sticker prices dropping, are now allowing drivers who may have previously ruled out plug-in hybrid or all-electric cars to more seriously […]

Buzzing about bees: Great River Energy talks pollinators at summit

From bees to butterflies, pollinator populations have been dwindling in recent years, and many groups have stepped in to help re-establish their native habitat. Among them, electric cooperatives have a unique opportunity to highlight their commitment to community and education by participating in the nationwide effort to bring back the bee and butterfly populations. Great […]

Program identifies sites suited for data center development

As a cooperative, Great River Energy maintains a deep commitment to the communities it serves, which cover more than two-thirds of Minnesota. This commitment includes supporting the economic vitality of those communities through a variety of resources such as financing, site selection assistance and infrastructure development. These services provide opportunities for rural Minnesota that may […]

Mille Lacs Energy Cooperative names new general manager

Mille Lacs Energy Cooperative (MLEC) introduced new General Manager Brian R. Zelenak during a recent employee meeting at the cooperative’s Aitkin, Minn., office. According to MLEC Board President Harold Harms, “[Brian’s] extensive management experience, ability to work closely with regulators and community leaders, and skills to effectively help shape public perception and policy will serve […]

Co-ops excel in core services

Members remain very satisfied with the overall performance of their local electric cooperatives, according to American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI) data detailed in Touchstone Energy Cooperatives’ 2015-2016 National Survey on the Cooperative Difference. The study, conducted annually since 2004 by TSE Services, the electric cooperative branding program’s market research partner, identifies best practices for engaging […]