Monthly Archives: March 2016

Trunked mobile radio system project, training in full swing

Great River Energy’s telecommunications system includes three critical components that form the communications infrastructure. They include the fiber backhaul system, 700 MHz wireless broadband (SCADA) network and trunked mobile radio system. All three involve large, current, multi-year projects needed to support the future grid activities of tomorrow. Great River Energy has begun work to replace its trunked […]

Minnesota Legislature begins short session

The 2016 Minnesota Legislature convened on March 8 with a later start date than usual due to the construction on the State Capitol. It is anticipated to be a quick, ten-week session. Additionally, this is an election year with all 201 legislative seats up for re-election this fall. Legislative leadership would like to narrow the […]

Crews respond quickly to outages

Often braving the cold, the weather, the long days, a line technician’s work is almost never done. This year, April 11 is Linemen Appreciation Day, which is a reminder of the hard work line technicians do to keep electricity reliable. “Great River Energy has service centers throughout our service area so that when a storm […]

Donations boost volunteer fire departments

Electric cooperatives are guided by seven cooperative principles, among them is a vow to support the overall sustainability of the communities they serve – and that extends beyond providing electricity. An essential part of a thriving community is the local fire department. Great River Energy’s employee-led contributions teams wanted to show their support for fire […]

Bees, butterflies flock toward co-ops

You may have heard all the buzz about saving dwindling bee and butterfly populations. But did you know electric co-ops are doing their part to help to restore pollinator friendly habitat? This spring, Great River Energy will be planting pollinator friendly habitat underneath its power lines that span a Three Rivers District Park. “As a […]

Twin Cities Auto Show welcomes ‘Electric Room’

Great River Energy is title sponsor of the Electric Room at the 43rd annual Twin Cities Auto Show this March at the Minneapolis Convention Center. Formerly known as the Green Room, the all-new Electric Room will feature the latest technology in electric and hybrid vehicles. “The Twin Cities Auto Show strives to showcase the green […]