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    Electric system weathers arctic temps

    The new year brought with it frigid temperatures contributing to very high winter demand for electricity across the Midwest, including on the Great River Energy system. “If you provide electricity in Minnesota, you need to be prepared for this type of weather – and the market conditions that often follow,” said Great River Energy Vice […]

    Energy market benefits members

    The electricity that toasts your breakfast and cools your milk could be produced at a wind turbine in Minnesota, a power plant in North Dakota or a hydroelectric dam in Manitoba. And, over the course of a day, you might receive electricity from all three. Great River Energy is a member of the Midcontinent Independent […]

    Free wind energy continues for electric cars

    A program that fuels electric vehicles with wind energy will continue for cooperative members who choose to drive electric. Revolt, a first-of-its-kind program that allows electric vehicle (EV) owners to further support the use of renewable energy, will continue through the end of 2018. When a member claims the upgrade, Great River Energy dedicates wind […]

    System operations kicks off Super Bowl preparations

    As many Minnesotans prepare for Super Bowl 52, the state’s electric co-ops are also doing their part. “We’re halting unnecessary maintenance work at our transmission facilities surrounding the metro area,” said Dick Pursley, manager, system operations. “We’re also working with our member cooperatives to ensure reliable service as many of them will have Super Bowl […]

    A new way forward in environmental standards

    Bees, butterflies, eagles and moose. These are the majestic, native animals of Minnesota, and just like Great River Energy’s member cooperatives, they live in our local communities. But moose don’t care if you’ve met all your environmental permit requirements, and honey bees don’t measure whether or not a procedure was successful in making a positive […]