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    The new economics of power generation

    Long before a cooperative member pays a power bill, electricity produced at power plants and wind farms is sold into a market. The price generators are paid for the electricity they produce is determined by many factors, including demand for electricity and production costs at generation facilities. Electricity generated by wind farms has no fuel […]

    Forming a vision of the future

    In late March, the Minnesota Public Utilities Commission (PUC) released a report summarizing a series of three stakeholder workshops they held on grid modernization. Great River Energy and member cooperative Dakota Electric Association were among those selected by the commission to provide insight into the changes taking place in the electric industry. In total, 20 […]

    For Great River Energy employees, safety is personal

    Great River Energy wants everyone to be safe – on the job and at home. For the past two years, Great River Energy has been promoting the theme “Safety is Personal,” which highlights individual employees and the reasons why they make safety a priority both on and off the job. This campaign has been promoted […]

    Power plant welcomes back peregrines

    The public can get an up-close look at nature through the birdcam hosted on the newly redesigned A pair of adult peregrine falcons recently returned to the nesting box located at Elk River Energy Recovery Station, a renewable power plant in Elk River, Minn. Mary Ellen and Brooklyn are the same adults that nested […]

    Fagan named chief business development officer

    Great River Energy named Mark Fagan the cooperative’s vice president and chief business development officer. Fagan will be responsible for identifying new business and asset optimization opportunities and supporting the corporate strategic and business planning process. “The way we produce and consume electricity is changing dramatically,” said Great River Energy president and CEO David Saggau. […]