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    Electricity emerging as preferred energy source

    Technological progress is making appliances and other electric devices ever more efficient. Power plant retirements and renewable development will continue to reduce the environmental effect of the electric system. These two converging trends are making one thing very clear: electricity is a smart choice. “As the electric system continues to become cleaner and more efficient, […]

    Efficiency gains mount at Spiritwood Station

      A unique plant to the region stands amongst corn and soybean fields just east of Jamestown, N.D. Spiritwood Station, a combined heat and power plant, differs from traditional plants in “coal country” in that its primary product is process steam for two adjacent agriculture processing plants – the Dakota Spirit AgEnergy (DSA) ethanol biorefinery […]

    Demand response advances, opening new opportunities

    Utilities have long understood that they can use the electric system efficiently and economically by reducing demand at certain times. Great River Energy is a leader in this discipline, known as demand response. “Through the efforts of our retail member distribution cooperatives we have tens of thousands of members that allow Great River Energy to […]

    Co-ops meet conservation goals despite challenges

    Throughout the last decade, Great River Energy and many of its member cooperatives have successfully achieved meeting the annual energy savings goals and conservation spending requirements established by the Minnesota Legislature. Beyond the 700 million kilowatt-hours in energy savings at the distribution cooperative level since 2010, Great River Energy has realized significant savings at its […]

    Employees find ways to enhance on-the-job safety

    Safety is a core value at Great River Energy, and employees are empowered to look for ways to enhance safety on the job and at home. Here is a sample of the many ways employees helped Great River Energy operate safely in 2016. Access doors at Coal Creek Station: Four heavy steel access doors are […]