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    Energy market driving changes to electricity supply

    Inexpensive natural gas and fuel-free generation resources combining to drive down short-term market price for electricity With increasing levels of variable resources, such as wind, flexibility is becoming more important to electric utilities. Natural gas power plants are able to quickly ramp up or down electricity production, making them complementary to renewables. Coal-based plants can […]

    Business improvements reach a quarter-billion

    One of the unique aspects of Great River Energy’s culture is the encouragement and acceptance of new ideas from every employee. This continuous search for better methods is known across the company as business improvement. “Great River Energy introduced business improvement in 2002 to inspire operational efficiencies and document cost savings. We never envisioned it […]

    Community storage reaches highest office

    Great River Energy Member Services and Marketing Director Gary Connett recently participated in a summit where federal and private sector organizations gathered to discuss scaling renewable energy and storage with smart markets. The event, held in mid-June at the White House, brought together regulators, power companies, municipalities and energy developers that are leading efforts to […]